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Modern Couponing

Details: Are you getting the most for your money in the digital world? Let’s talk about saving cash and using the internet to do it. 2020 was a bit of a disaster.

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Supes vs. mayor: Fight breaks out on how to spend Prop I …

Details: Supes vs. mayor: Fight breaks out on how to spend Prop I money. The Board of Supervisors has allocated $64 million of Prop. I funds to the Small Sites program, which funds the acquisition of small

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The money bail system is morally, fiscally, and

Details: Money bail is the system where innocent people can be kept in jail because they’re poor, while wealthy people who are guilty and dangerous go free. It’s time to end it. Four years ago, the

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Ron Conway has a way with money

Details: The new backers of a pro-London Breed independent expenditure committee told San Francisco Examiner columnist Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, “Ron Conway has nothing to do with this IE, and he won’t.”

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Best Rich Men Dating Sites to Meet a Millionaire Online

Details: Luxy. Luxy is a niche dating site designed for connecting wealthy individuals. It’s where you go when you want to find a man or woman who meets your financial status and shares your interests

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Closing hours will help protect parks, money

Details: Illicit activities occur in San Francisco's parks after dark, and although unlawful camping, drug use and romantic trysts may come to mind, something …

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A Few Benefits and Challenges of Bitcoin

Details: For transacting money, only the sender and receiver are involved. The blockchain uses cryptographic principles to secure transactions and data. The encryption system is …

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A year later, California drought-relief money is unspent

Details: More than $320 million that was supposed to be rushed to drought-stricken California communities sits unspent in government bank accounts more than a year after lawmakers voted to use the money to

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Ins and outs of air travel refunds during COVID-19

Details: Now they tell me I can’t get my money back now, but I can re-book up to a year from the ticket without service charges. This seems unfair since COVID-19 is so unpredictable. Instead of them

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DangoBuds Reviews – Top Earbuds launched

Details: ‘I want my money, and everybody wants their money!’ What is San Francisco for? ‘We are about our neighborhood politics’ SF school board recall could reshape the balance of power at City Hall.

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Record cash pours into Georgia Senate races, with a large

Details: Much of that outside money comes from donors whose identities remain undisclosed. Warnock brought in just over $103 million in the two months from mid-October to mid-December, according to his filing.

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How will California schools spend gusher of money

Details: The lingering question is whether while crowing about giving schools billions of extra dollars, Newsom is also willing — unlike Brown — to hold them accountable for spending the money effectively.

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Will Crist give back Republicans’ money

Details: Now that he’s bolted the GOP, will Charlie Crist give Republicans’ money back? From USA Today: “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough asked Crist, “Are you going to give them that money back

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Founding Fathers not fans of paper money

Details: The “M3” money-supply measure soared from $688.4 billion in 1971 to $10.3 trillion in March 13, 2006, whereupon the Fed suddenly stopped publishing these inconvenient truths. This loose cash

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SF supes reach tentative agreement on how to spend $181

Details: The Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund money, as its called, is seen as the golden goose to cure all of our ills — and like a kid at Christmas, everyone wants a dang pony.

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Settlement reached in lawsuit to end money bail in San

Details: A settlement was reached Friday in a federal class action lawsuit seeking to eliminate San Francisco’s money-based bail system. The lawsuit asked the court to declare the system unconstitutional

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What Public Works employees say about taking homeless

Details: Perhaps most surprising of all was a warning by a supervisor, to staff, to resist the temptation to take money from homeless people’s bags.

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Former SF political operatives charged with felony bribery

Details: A retired city employee and a former city commissioner who are at the center of bribery allegations involving Mayor Ed Lee were charged …

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DA Boudin orders prosecutors to stop seeking cash bail

Details: The policy cements the progress toward ending money bail that former District Attorney George Gascon made after first introducing an algorithmic risk assessment tool in 2016.

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